10 Ways To Rock It As A Guest Blogger [Free Template]

Guest posting can be a great way to get the word out about your practice. Imagine a client picking up the phone and saying, “I saw your article on _______, can I come see you for an appointment?” It can be that easy, really! Guest blogging is a great way to serve your community and magnetically attract clients, all without being pushy or sales-y. Because the clients get to know you before the first session, you can jump-start the joining process, allowing you to get to the work of helping the person more quickly.

Blog posts I’ve written on other people’s sites have led to speaking engagements, paid writing assignments, additional interviews in other outlets, and of course, client referrals. That can happen for you, too! By the end of this article today, you’ll have everything you need to feel confident about writing useful guest blog posts that brings you positive recognition and results.


Trying to figure out how to FIND those guest posting opportunities? I recommend this article by KISSmetrics.

2 Ways To Choose The Right Opportunity


Understand that all exposure is not created equal. Plan to guest blog (or exchange guest blog posts) with someone who serves your ideal client in a different way than you serve them. If your ideal client group won’t see your post, it can be a waste of energy.


Do your research. What kinds of topics have they posted on before? Is the tone of their posts more casual and lighthearted or more serious and passionate? How long do their posts generally go? How many images do they usually feature? What do they stand against/for?


5 Ways To Make Sure You Get The Gig


Know why they’d want to have you as a guest blogger. What does the blog owner get out of hosting you? Will you encourage your audience to read their blog? Will you cross-refer at some point? Are they always looking to fill needed space for content? If you know what you can offer them that they truly value, you can start out strong by addressing what they need and showing how you fill that need.


Have a specific pitch, but be flexible. Bloggers may not have time to come up with a topic for you, or they may not know what you’ll feel comfortable writing on. This can stall the acceptance of your guest post pitch. If you have a few topics prepared to discuss – but are open if they say “please write on THIS topic” – it makes it really easy for them to say yes.


Share your credentials but don’t make it a resume. When you find a blog you want to pitch to, plan on sharing the reason you’re an authority on the subject and your experience in writing and/or guest posting. But don’t make them sift through every thing you’re ever done. A good guest post pitch should be short and sweet!


In your pitch letter, double-check your spelling, grammar and general sentence and paragraph structure. Verifying that this letter is grammatically sound is even more important than having your eventual article be delivered in perfect condition – if you make a mistake on your article once they’ve already accepted you, they are more inclined to help fix it. But if the first contact you make with the blogger is full of poor grammar or spelling, you risk being perceived as sloppy. Blog pitches that are seen as sloppy rarely win you the gig.

Here’s some quick-n-dirty tips: each paragraph should focus on one topic. Each sentence needs to have a subject and a verb, or else it is a fragment. Make sure you’ve got the right version of word pairs that are commonly misspelled, like they’re/their, affect/effect, you’re/your and peak/peek. (PEAK is a mountaintop or pointed top, PEEK is to look.)  If in doubt, have someone else read it for you first!



Offer dates to submit your draft to them, and meet all dates you agree upon. If they’re thinking you can turn out a blog post next week, and you’re thinking in 3 months, you’re going to have a conflict! While you want to be flexible, have a framework for what you’re thinking and above all, follow through with whatever you decide!

Since securing the guest posting opportunity can be the most difficult part of the process, I’ve created an easy template for offering to guest post that you can download and use as your own.

>>>Download The Guest Post Pitch Template<<<

3 Ways To Grow Your Practice With Your Guest Post


Know your angle. How does your message fit into the blog’s message? How can your message enhance what is already being said, but share what you uniquely bring to the table? What do you hope to bring to your practice through this blog article? (More referrals, additional writing opportunities, attendance at an event you’re hosting…think about what you want to have happen as a result of this work!) Write with that in mind, so you can show it in your post.


Make sure you request a linkback on their site to your site, and add a linkback TO their site on your site. While you do not want to post the exact same material on your site (bad SEO) having a link on your media page, or a short post on your blog that says something like “check out my post over here…” is GOOD SEO. Search engines like inbound links (links that come to you) and outbound links (links that go to others from you!)


In your guest post bio, don’t waste space focusing on your CV, instead, invite the reader of your guest post to join you over on your site. Offer an awesome lead magnet if they sign up for your email newsletter. (Remember you can get HIPAA-secure email marketing with LuxSci.) This turns a brief blog peruser into a long-term reader of your blog, and potentially a client or referral source down the line.

Have you tried any of these 10 ways to rock it as a guest blogger? If not, will you try them after reading this? Post your answers below, then come back and share your guest blog post links with us in the comments!

Don’t forget to download your free Guest Post Pitch Template!

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