6 Ways That Groups Make a Positive Impact on Your Clients (And Your Bank Account)

Last week I connected with Group Guru, Katie K. May, to talk about our practice plans for the upcoming year. Katie shared about her successes in filling and running groups in her practice. She has 6 full groups that bring in $8000 in those 6 hours alone (hence the Group Guru status!) I’ve been thinking about starting a group myself this year, and Katie shared with me her 6 ways that groups allow her to make a positive impact on her clients (and her bank account.)
  1. Running groups has allowed me to make a bigger impact on clients by connecting them to others to feel heard and understood. I leave the office every day feeling energized and fulfilled by this. And my clients see amazing outcomes in less time than individual therapy alone.
  2. Offering groups has given me the gift of more FREEDOM! Because groups bring in more income per hour for me, I’m able to spend more time out of the office, with my family and practicing self-care and I have the financial resources to do it all. (Helloooo weekly massages and daily yoga classes!)
  3. Groups are THE way I’ve been able to give myself a raise! I make at least twice my individual hourly rate for each group I run (in the same amount of time!)
  4. Because groups are typically not the primary level of care, I’m able to take more vacations and travel with my family… all while trusting that each client from group will be taken care of when I’m gone (No urgent calls while I’m waiting in line at Disney!)
  5. Groups improve my client retention rate. Because clients feel connected to other group members, they tend to stay in both group and individual for about one to two years instead of moving on after a few months. Feeling like a part of something helps clients to stay invested and show up week after week.
  6. Groups supercharge your clients’ treatment outcomes. Think about it… twice weekly therapy with a healthy network of support to reinforce treatment goals.
So there you have it… 6 solid reasons to start a group in 2017. If you’ve been thinking about starting a therapy group, but are getting caught up in the logistics of numbers and pricing, join me as I partner with Katie to share with you how to make it happen without confusion! Join here!