Getting Clients Out Of Nowhere: The Art Of Service-Based Prospecting

Getting new psychotherapy clients for your private practice can seem intimidating. Especially the idea of “cold-calling” or “prospecting” for clients.

But it’s actually really simple to connect with referral sources and get clients out of nowhere. There’s just five steps:

First, identify people your clients will listen to and respect.

Second, think about what your referral sources NEED – and start with helping them achieve that goal before you ask for a single referral.

Next – come from a place of confidence. You have gifts to offer your clients. You can make a difference. If you question your ability to help your clients, your referral sources will too.

Fourth, decide whether to call or email then, and then do so, starting with the benefit to the referral source.

Finally, set a next step that will be your goal for the conversation. Do you want to schedule a meeting in person? Or receive permission to send them further resources?
Getting new psychotherapy clients isn’t about bullying anyone into sending people your way – it’s about connecting with community leaders who can help you find the clients who are already looking for your help!

What’s YOUR best cold-calling tip? Share with us below!