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Hello, [MM_Member_Data name=’firstName’]! 

I am truly thrilled to have you here. 

We love our community here at MYOB Counselor – and every new friend we make is worth a celebration. 

Private practice can be lonely. If you’re a solo practitioner, you might not have someone around you who gets your love of counseling. 

Someone who can help you get unstuck when you’re unsure what to do next. 

Someone who can introduce you to people that will help you grow your practice. 

That’s why MYOB Counselor exists. In our private Facebook group, we are constantly sharing ideas, marketing tips and insights and helping each other grow in private practice.

I hope you’ll join us there soon. Can’t wait to get to know you personally!


Stephanie Adams, MA LPC

MYOB Counselor Founder


P.S. Join the private Facebook group here!

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