How To Cancel Your Membership

Here’s the truth:

I’d rather you didn’t cancel. (I like having you here.)

Can I ask you a few questions about why you’re canceling before you do so, to see if I can fix it for you before you go? I promise, if you still don’t think it’s a good fit for you, I’ll help you find your way out after. 

I'm considering cancelling because I'm worried about the expense.

It’s responsible as a business owner to calculate each expense. But if you’re worried about the expense of your Mentorship Group subscription, that means one thing – you’re not seeing how the Return On Investment from your membership can work for you. The point of the group is to help you earn many times more than you spend in your membership fee each month.

The mentorship group is designed to make you more in your private practice by helping you attract more clients in less time, choose effective tools, software, systems and strategies in your business, and preventing avoidable mis-steps.

If you’re not seeing how the group can bring in more than the amount of the fee, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a free 30-minute phone consult with me to help you see MORE financial results from your investment in the mentorship group. Simply email me at or leave me a message at 817-677-8336 and we’ll get it set up as soon as possible.

Let’s get you making more money in private practice, ASAP.

I'm considering cancelling because I don't know how to use this for my business.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re more experienced in private practice, it can be overwhelming to take on a new marketing strategy of any kind. I try to offer a lot of resources here to cover a multitude of needs, but that can also sometimes have a side effect of you not knowing where to start.

That’s why I’m here to help. I really do want this to be a mentorship group. I scaled back on everything in MYOB except this group because my heart was with working with the small business owner in private practice, in the small-group setting.

If you don’t know how to use this group to help your business, then it’s my privilege to help you help your business.

Please email me today at or leave me a message at 817-677-8336. We can set up a free, 30-minute phone consult to talk about what you need and how we can use the mentorship group to help you.

I'm considering cancelling because I'm not seeing the tool I need for my business.

Maybe you were looking for something in particular when you joined, and you don’t see it now. Maybe you thought something I offered was actually supposed to help with something else, and it doesn’t apply to your need after all.

Whatever the case, this is an interactive, not a passive group.

Did you know? On your member home page, you can Request A Resource for the MYOB Mentorship Group. Just tell me what you’re looking for help with, and how’s the best way for you to get this info (template, video, etc.) I’ll do my best to create a solution for you! It’s included with your membership at no additional cost.


Go to the home page, click “Request A Resource,” then fill out a form to submit!

I’m here to help – let’s get you what you need ASAP.

I'm considering cancelling because I need more support.


One of the biggest things I love about this group is the potential for a tight-knit community of business owners who help each other out and lift each other up. However, if you’re not seeing this yet, you are understandably feeling disconnected from the support we have available here.

The first thing I’d ask if you’d try is to join us on the MMG Facebook group. We are on there talking, tweaking, testing, and encouraging on almost every day. (M-F unless otherwise posted!) Have you joined us there yet?

If you’re on the group, and still feeling the disconnect, then let me know. You can reach me at or leave a message at my phone number, 817-677-8336. We can talk about whether a private coaching situation or another resource might be appropriate to connect you with.

I want to do what’s best to help you get the support you need.

None of these apply to me, I just need to cancel.

Here’s the information on how (look at the “subscription terms” header to find out how to cancel based on your situation.) Please note the differences between whether you signed up using PayPal or a regular credit card subscription and the turnaround time for cancellation requests.

I am so honored you decided to spend your time and energy trying out the Mentorship Group. My goal is to make your cancellation experience as positive as your signup experience. I will make every effort to complete your cancellation as seamlessly and quickly as possible so we can part as friends.

On your way “out,” I’d appreciate anything you have to share with me on what I could do to improve the MMG experience for other members, and the opportunity to help you get connected with another resource that might better fit your needs. Just let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll do my best to offer some solutions. You can do that by emailing me at 

All the best,


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