Introduction Letter Templates

Introduction Letter Templates

To get the most out of the templates, copy & paste the text of the template into a blank Word document. Replace the explanations in [brackets] with the information described in the brackets. To send the letters in email format, instead of snail mail, just make sure you have your web address included in lieu of the ability to enclose a business card or brochure. 

You have my permission to use the templates without attribution. Please do not post the templates anywhere else, sell or give them away as your own. 

Letter To Physicians

Dear [Doctor/Psychiatrist],

Do you have patients that struggle with [my specialty?] I’m a mental health counselor who serves [my client base] [by/with2-4 specific ways I help, such as “learn to find alternatives to self-harming behaviors.”]

I started working with this group of people because [specific, client-supporting/passion-based reason.] I noticed [describe a need I address.] So I created [restate how I help in the form of a solution.]

I collaborate with my clients’ primary care providers [or psychiatrists] by:

Updating them regularly on client progress so that they have more information available when making treatment decisions.

Implementing physician recommendations into the patient’s everyday life, by providing accountability and/or collaborating with the patient to create specific tools. An example might be if a patient is struggling with medication compliance, I might work with them to set a phone alarm or create a daily checklist.

[Any additional means of help.]

I understand you have many demands on your time, so I want to extend the offer to come and introduce myself at a time that is convenient for you. Either way, I’m enclosing details of how you can contact me and [business cards/flyers] you can give to your clients that need a little extra support, or simply need a competent, caring counseling skilled in [specialty]. You have my permission to reproduce and share these [cards/flyers] as needed, or simply have someone in your office contact me and I will supply you with more at any time.

Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to continuing to support you and your practice.



Letter To Physicians - Focus On Helping With Medication Compliance

Dear [Psychiatrist or Family Practitioner Name],

I’d guess, like many doctors, patient compliance with medication regimens is an ongoing concern of yours. As a mental health counselor, I’ve seen the challenges of that myself. People forget to take their medications on time, or think they can stop abruptly, not realizing the risks they are taking. It worries you, but you have a lot on your plate as it is, and your clients need regular supervision.

Medication non-compliance can result in unhealthy side effects, some with tragic results. That’s why I believe it’s so important to partner with my client’s [primary care providers and/or psychiatric professionals] to give them the best possible result. I believe I’m here to help you as well as them by providing regular medication compliance support as part of my regular counseling practice.

If you have patients in your practice that could use this kind of outside accountability and support, I [accept these insurance panels/offer sliding scale rates/offer quick turnaround from call to appointment]. If I cannot accept a new client or do not feel I would be the best match for the client’s need, I maintain a network of high-quality fellow therapists I can connect the client with. You don’t need to worry about finding them the right counselor match, one call to me and I take care of the rest.

For the convenience of the physicians I work with and the benefit of my clients, I provide [monthly/bimonthly/other] summaries of client progress, so that you are included in their clinical development without any additional effort on your part.

I’m enclosing details of how you can contact me and [business cards/flyers] you can give to your clients that need a little extra medication support, or simply need a competent, caring counseling skilled in [specialty]. You have my permission to reproduce and share these [cards/flyers] as needed, or simply have someone in your office contact me and I will supply you with more at any time.

That’s all you need to get started, but if you have time to connect with me personally, just let me know here [contact info] and I’ll be happy to rearrange my schedule and meet at a time convenient for you.  

Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to continuing to support you and your practice.



Letter To A Fellow Therapist

Dear [Fellow Therapist],

Hello! My name is [my name] and I wanted to introduce myself because I’m [new to the neighborhood/you are new to the neighborhood] and I noticed you’re also [same population served, same licensure, in the same social/business networks]. I was really intrigued by your emphasis on [something unique they offer] and research/experience in [what they are known for].

I work with [who you help] and [what you do] so that they can [benefit(s)]. I started in that field/grew interested in this when/because [your reason, said with passion!]

[Note: At this point CHOOSE EITHER A or B and then continue to the next paragraph.]

[OPTION A] Since we [work with the same population, have the same license, etc.] I thought it would be a great idea if we got together and talked about we could support each other to connect with our client base and better serve them.

[OPTION B] As I specialize in /work with [your population], I know from experience they often need support in [the other therapist’s area of specialty] as well. I’m always looking for someone with expertise to refer these clients to. It would be really helpful to me to meet with you and hear more about your services so I can know which clients I might refer to you in the future.

I’m sure you have a lot on your plate, but if you’d be willing, I’d love to take you out for lunch or coffee sometime, or bring something by your office if that’s easier. I’ll follow up with you shortly to see if there are some dates you might be free.

Look forward to talking to you again soon! Thank you for your time and for what you do for our community.



P.S. [Share about a networking opportunity, blog series, potential connection – something to add benefit to the therapist before you ever see them.] Just thought you might like to know about that!

Letter To A Spiritual Leader

Dear [Pastor/Spiritual Leader],

One of the most important tenets of our faith is [disclose a principle that you & your faith community share with how you operate my practice.] That is why I [operate your practice this way.]

In my time as a mental health counselor I’ve seen [challenging situation that the pastor or spiritual leader would likely often encounter]. [Statement about how this affects you personally, i.e., why you do what you do, or how this has impacted society & your main client group.]

You [summary of the value he/she provides to those they work with, ex: “you give people hope and insight…”]. I would like to support you by offering [free value-added services such as articles, talks, groups, marriage education/enrichment, parenting classes] and being a resource for your [parishioners, congregants] who could benefit from regular counseling services.

I work with [who you help] and [what you do] so that they can [benefit(s)]. I see [ages, types of clients] and [accept these insurance providers or offer sliding scale, Note: you can eliminate if you do not offer any adjusted rate].

You can reach me at [phone/email], I’ve included a [magnet, business card, flyer, etc.] for you to easily access my contact information the future. If you’re willing, I’d love to drop by and meet you in person. I’ll follow up with you shortly to see if that might be a possibility for you.

I appreciate all the good work you do and thank you very much for your time today. Look forward to talking with you again soon!



Letter To A School Counselor Or Principal

Dear [School Counselor/Principal],

Have parents been knocking on your door to ask you about [your specialty?] It’s a [trending topic/significant issue] because [why it’s important]. You’re probably hearing parents and co-workers talk about the dangers of [problems as a result of your specialty area] and hearing that they need a lot of support and feedback.

I wanted to reach out to you today because I have some resources that can help you give that support and feedback. [Share helpful articles, worksheets, done-for-you parent-teacher communication letters, and more here. Explain about the benefits and how the person can use them.]

I’ve enclosed these materials for your use and I give you full permission to copy as needed. I can also supply you with more, at your request! I’ll follow up with you in a few weeks to see if you have time to meet and go over some of these resources, so I can hear more about your needs.

Looking forward to talking to you again soon!



Letter: All-Purpose Introduction

What do you do when you need a letter of introduction, but it doesn’t fit into the categories above? Try adapting this…

Dear [Referral Partner’s Name],

Hi! I’m [my name, what I do] and I’m new in the community. I love working with [my specialty] and I see you work with those kinds of people too. [Note: Connection statement would be good here, like “don’t you enjoy it?” “Aren’t they a neat group of people?” Whatever feels genuine.]

I noticed that you [their specialty, or the unique thing about their service/product]. When I saw that, I had to reach out to you. It seems like we have a lot in common. [Explain in 1-2 sentences why.]

Since our paths will no doubt cross in the future, I’d love to set up a time to meet you and get to know you better. I’m very interested in serving [the joint specialty I and the referral source have in common, ex: “teenagers”] more effectively by working alongside others in the community who do similar work. I’d love to discuss what I can do to help support your business – perhaps [Note: Choose here an appropriate way to offer to help, such as sharing resources, writing articles, giving talks, introducing them to someone influential].

I’ll give you a call soon and see if you’re available to connect. I understand if you are busy, but I do hope we can work out a time! I’d love to learn more about what you do.

Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to talking to you again soon.