Are You Tired Of Settling For Less Than Your Ideal Private Practice? 

It doesn’t matter if your career training let you down in the area of preparation for private practice. We’re here to help you mind your own business. 

Take back control of your practice. The #1 complaint about private practice (from private practice counselors themselves) is the lack of predictability – in income, in client load, in structure and more. Create a predictably successful practice and never feel stressed your ability to earn a living again. 

Feel empowered by community and accountability. Join more than 1000 private practice counselors in the private MYOB Counselor Facebook group helping each other build ethical, exciting practices. 

Save time and energy. Instead of taking years to build up your business, take advantage of easy (but still ethical) shortcuts to building a thriving and emotionally satisfying practice using my tried-and-true templates, tools, and tips. Everything I share with you is based on success I’ve had in my own practice, or successes from real-life counselors I trust to tell me the truth. If it doesn’t work in real life, you’re never going to see me recommending that nonsense to you. 

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