Create Rock-Solid Cilent Policies

Course Overview:

Have you ever found yourself frustrated when a client repeatedly late-cancels on you, but felt like you were unable to do anything to address the issue? Or, had a client fail to pay session fees on time, and build up a balance on their account? Solid policy documents for your practice will help reduce problems like these, and protect you when you need to enforce the rules.

In this course, you will learn how to prevent and address many common practice headaches, such as clients no-showing to their appointments, late-canceling, or not paying on time.

In each lesson, you’ll review optional elements of the practice policy and create a custom policy that fits your needs. Alternatively, you can copy and use the sample policy I’ll provide for you, as-is, in your practice documents.

Alongside that, we’ll cover ways to introduce your policies to clients so that you encounter less resistance when enforcing them. I’ll even show you how it’s possible to get clients in alignment with your policies, so that you barely have to enforce them at all!

By the end of this course, you’ll have a collection of rock-solid policies that will help protect the financial integrity of your work, and keep the day-to-day running of your practice smooth.

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