Creating A New Email Subscriber Welcome Series

Course Overview:

Email Marketing is the process of building a relationship with a potential client through email. Start that relationship off strong with an email Welcome Series.

What is a Welcome Series?

A Welcome Series is a set of emails that your subscribers receive immediately after signing up for your email list. It serves three purposes:

  1. Orients your subscribers to your email list, and by extension, to the services you offer in your private practice. What can they expect from you? Your welcome series helps to show them.
  2. Cements your role as a source of valuable information. Because they’ve already requested your Lead Magnet, they think you *might* have something useful to share with them. Your welcome series can help confirm that in their minds.
  3. Inspires action while the possibility is fresh in their minds; by making a specific offer near the end of your email series, you “strike while the iron is hot.”

In this course, you will learn how to create a welcome series that hits each of these three essential purposes: orientation, value, and action. You’ll also get 7 cut-and-paste templates for your welcome series you can adapt and use as your own – an email welcome series in a box!

By the end of this course, you’ll have a Welcome Series that tells the subscriber:

  • Exactly what it is you do.
  • The benefits of what you offer.
  • How to take this relationship further by becoming a client. 

Leaving you with a set-it-and-forget it system you can use to grow your influence with new email subscribers.