All About Stage 1

The first stage of the Private Practice Journey is Launching A Private Practice. In this stage, you’re setting up the infrastructure of your practice so it can grow.

The key tasks of this stage are linear:

Let’s take a closer look at each task of this stage:

  • Planning. Get organized! To successfully launch your first private practice, you need to understand the fundamentals of business and how that plays in to your private practice plans. You also need to know why you’ve chosen private practice among all the other options available to you. You need a business plan to guide your steps moving forward, and some idea of how you plan to fund your startup.
  • Setup. Once you have a plan, it’s time to start putting together the structure of your business. Along with that, you need to find your office space, and create your forms, policies and paperwork.
  • Startup. You’re almost ready to open your doors! But you need to make sure that your financial plan is solid. How will you earn the income you need to break even? (Or make a profit?) How will you set aside enough to pay your taxes?
  • Launch. After you’ve done all your planning, set up, and are financially ready to start up, there’s nothing left to do but launch! In this stage, we’ll zero in your ideal client and find a way to make a splash when you first open your doors.
  • Adjust. Inevitably, after launch, you’ll find something doesn’t work as you had planned. You need to adjust your fees, your hours, your paperwork, etc. That’s to be expected, because you’ve never done this before. Now’s the time to pinpoint what isn’t working, and make it better. At the same time, you’ll also see what is working really well. If you can create a system around what is working, it can get even better and easier for you to use.