All The Ways To Get Clients For Your Psychotherapy Practice

What’s the best way for you to share your message? 

There are dozens upon dozens of marketing methods out there. SEO. Blogging. Networking, Social networking. It can get really overwhelming.

When I first started learning how to market, I tried almost everything. I read hundreds of books, listened to hundreds of podcasts and webinars, and attempted many marketing strategies. Here’s what I found, when I did so:

  1. I didn’t need hundreds of marketing strategies to grow my practice. I just needed a few effective ones that I could keep up with.
  2. I didn’t need to pick the most complicated strategy or the newest strategy. Instead, choosing the one that most matched my skill set and experience would let me get my message out quickly.

If you would like to bring new client leads into your practice quickly and effectively, the best way to do that is to choose a few marketing strategies to try that fit in with your existing skill set.

This lesson will lead you through a 3-step process of narrowing down, identifying and implementing a marketing method to generate new clients for your practice.

Download the worksheet attached to this lesson to review 60+ methods of attracting new clients to your psychotherapy practice and choose the one that’s best for you.

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