Navigating The NEW Psychotherapy Marketplace: Video Interview With Lynn Grodzki


Lynn Grodzki, therapist and author, graciously took time to talk with me about the challenge of retaining clients attracted through internet marketing. While the internet makes it easy for people to shop for what they need, it can also lead to more dissatisfaction.

People expect quick fixes. They believe one therapist is pretty much the same as another. But we know it’s not that simple.

This video teaches you how to strengthen your client retention from the first conversation.  You’ll learn what clients need to hear to help them see the big picture of the therapeutic journey. You’ll learn also how to answer when you get a call asking, “so what do you charge?” Additionally, you’ll get specific ideas for how to show clients their clinical progress.

You’ll leave this webinar feeling more confident in your ability to convert – and keep – clients from the internet.


Sincere thanks to Lynn Grodzki, author of

Building Your Ideal Private Practice: A Guide for Therapists and Other Healing Professionals 2nd Edition

for generously sharing her insights with us!

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