Recommended Tools For Practice Growth

Members-Only: Awesome tools for biz-savvy counselors. 

Look for the word FREE to designate links that have FREE versions available. The word HIPAA desginates links that may help you comply with HIPAA regulations! 

Website Development

Brighter Vision: They build therapist websites that ROCK. Use PROMO CODE STEPHANIE to get one month free! Professional website hosting.

Yoast SEO Plugin. Best. SEO. Plugin. Ever. FREE, but you must have a WordPress-based site to utilize. 


Graphic Design/Logo Creation High-quality logos in .png, .jpg format for $5-$25. (Some charge a premium for high-res files but usually not more than $40.)


Images Actually FREE stock photos. Awesome. 

Free Stock PhotosFREE stock photos of decent quality, mixed in with a lot of ads for paid stock photos, so just make sure you know what you’re clicking on. Read user agreement (on pages with photos) to determine ability to use. 

Big Stock Photo. The photo site I used to purchase the photo for my book cover, as a bit of trivia! Paid photos that are royalty-free (meaning you can use them without paying a per-use fee) and weekly FREE images if you remember to download them!



 No B.S. Marketing To The Affluent by Dan Kennedy.

 Marketing for the Mental Health Professional by David P. Diana.  



Google Hangout: FREE videoconferencing app.

Google Voice: FREE phone calls, voicemail and text through your Google Account. ($10 for a dedicated number, usually.) Business phone numbers, fax lines, and toll-free numbers. 

Free Fax from Fax Zero. Limited pages with advertisements on cover sheets. Useful if you primarily fax insurance companies, billing services that work for you, less advisable for referral sources because of risk of looking cheap. FREE


Therapy Tools

Southern Sandtray Therapy. Start out with a free webinar or take the free quiz, “Is Sandtray Training Right For You?


Therapy-At-Home Workbooks 

My review of the series:

”I don’t usually find myself seeking to praise items that could make me obsolete. But that’s the case with therapist Lisa Kift’s Therapy-At-Home® Workbooks. They’re smart, succinct and easy to use…Even with my experience as a therapist, I still discovered something fresh from the workbook.  And don’t worry, it doesn’t really make us obsolete. Lisa is clear that any workbook cannot replace traditional therapy

The workbook I reviewed was the Therapy-At-Home Workbooks®: The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook for Couples.  (Lisa also wrote The Premarital Counseling Workbook for Couples.) The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook for Couples has 6 sections covering common issues like Communication and issues that aren’t so common, like Relationship Foundations. I really liked it that she went there with the book, because it focuses on where each partner came from and how each interacts with the other now. It’s essential, and many marriage resources (in my entirely subjective opinion) seem to overlook it.

Each section contains several goals, each with a brief introduction, an exercise, and a journal page for each member of the couple. It’s a combination of teaching and self-directed learning for the couple. Some of the worksheets were duplicated, one for Partner #1 and one for Partner #2. That could end up being redundant, but instead it creates less fuss for the couple, who can just press “print” out the whole book and not mess with the details.

She also recommended to me that therapists use it with their clients. It’s something we could assign them as additional homework between sessions, or make ourselves available to answer questions for certain exercises. And at $20 with instant download, it’s a lot cheaper to recommend than a marriage enrichment seminar.”

– Stephanie Adams, LPC


The Premarital Counseling Workbook For Couples

The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook For Couples

The Premarital Counseling Workbook For Couples (Spanish Language Version)


Email Marketing

One is LuxSci HIPAA-compliant email, email marketing, secure web forms and pdfs. It’s an email marketing system that’s comparable with many of the other resources out there in terms of flexibility and function, but HIPAA-compliant. As an added benefit is that they can make your email look “normal” to your clients without violating HIPAA. Check it out. If you’ve never done email marketing before, you will need to prepare for a learning curve, but the staff is more than willing to help you with that. 

GetResponse – it’s called the “World’s Easiest Email Marketing System” and I’m inclined to agree! 

For a free option that has less functionality but is nonetheless good to start out with, try MailChimp.

Continuing Education UNLIMITED CEUs for $99/year!

Office Supplies Business cards, brochures, and more. (Link offers you a $10 off coupon!)

Storage Both FREE and paid cloud-based storage. Great to share files with business contacts.

Google DriveFREE cloud-based storage linked to your Google Account.

Social Media Manage, schedule, and measure all your social networks in one simple dashboard. Both FREE and paid versions.

Step-By-Step Twitter Training. Membership training university for all things Twitter! (Takes a sec to load the link.)

Pinfluence: The Complete Guide To Marketing Your Business With Pinterest. Beth Hayden.

Online Counseling Online Counseling solutions and practice management. Now offering credit card processing, EHR submission coming soon! HIPAA

Payment Processing 2.75% per swipe, no monthly fee. 3.5% plus 15 cents per manually entered transaction. Free card reader. 2.9% plus .30 per “successful charge.” Integrates with CounSol (see above.) Online payment processing, credit card reader available for in-store sales. Similar per-swipe or per-transaction fees.

Google Wallet: Shop and send money, save gift cards and special offers on your phone.

Awesome Apps

TigerText: Private text-messaging that automatically self-destructs. HIPAA

Evernote: Organization & Note-Taking App. FREE and paid.



Please note. Some of these links I gain a benefit from for referring you to them (“affiliate” links). I only recommend things I genuinely think will benefit you, but if the benefit to me is uncomfortable for you, please feel free to reach these websites by an outside search.