Texas LPCs – Stand Against Restricting Client Access To Online Care

Please consider signing our petition! Written by Donna Rose, LPC Do you think it is just and fair that mentally ill Texans should be required to drive to an office to start treatment before they are allowed to meet with a counselor online or phone, known as telehealth services, even if they have disability or other circumstances which prevent them from traveling to get treatment?laptop-42550_1280 On February 14th the licensing board for Texas mental health counselors will close public comments before a vote on a proposed rule requiring mentally ill Texans to first travel physically to a counselor’s office to initiate treatment before they can access remote video or telephone counseling services—an impossibility for many thousands of Texans who are sick, disabled, live in rural areas with no local mental health services or reside abroad in non-English speaking countries, as well as a serious hardship for those who with limited time off work, caregivers for young children, or those requiring a specialist not available in their local area. wheelchair-538978_1920Texans deserve to be on par with all other US citizens in their choices and access to mental health care! The new rule would prevent thousands of Texans from getting the mental health care they need remotely in the privacy of their own home for years to come if passed.  The proposed rule reverses current policy which allows any Texan to remotely access mental health care via technology-assisted means such as online video counseling if they can’t travel to the counselor’s office. Thousands of Texans would lose equal access to mental health care services if they must first meet this hurdle. This change would undermine equality and restrict access to mental health care for the the most disadvantaged Texanssign this petition to tell the Texas counselors licensing board to vote no on this unjust rule! The public comment period for voicing objections to the proposed change ends soon. Urgent action is required to stop the roll-back of progress for mentally ill Texans in critical need of remote access through technology-assisted services. What you can do: 1)     Sign this petition which goes straight the decision makers’ inboxes! 2)     Add your comment telling why this issue is important to you! 3)     Share your concern via Facebook, Twitter, and email–multiply your impact for mentally ill Texans! 4)     Amplify your voice by sending your own respectful comments to the Texas counseling board by the Feb 14th deadline to:lpc@dshs.state.tx.us “Comments on Proposed Rules” in the subject line. Thank you for supporting equality of access for mental health care for Texans everywhere!  

P.S. I am in support of this action and hope you will consider signing the petition! We only have a short time to make a difference for thousands of Texans! Thank you!



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