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How To Join Group Coaching On Facebook

Since this is a secret group, to join the Facebook group first request to add me as a friend here first. Then I can direct add you to the group from there! I check daily M-F excepting major holidays, and if you have any trouble or questions you can contact me on Facebook or at Looking forward to your joining up and talking with us there!

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(A new SFS will be released every 30 days, check back frequently!)

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Stress-Free System #1: Choose & Implement A Welcome Strategy For Your Home Page Step-By-Step Action Plan

This SFS will explore top welcome strategies for your website home page to discover which will serve your existing clients and attract your new clients best.

Stress-Free System #2: Supercharge Your Core Website Pages To Get The Phone Ringing Template Collection 

This SFS will provide proven templates for crafting winning copy for three major core pages: about me, services, and contact me. 


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Stress-Free System #3: Bulletproof SEO Anyone Can Do: Step-By-Step Action Plan

This SFS will give you simple strategies and easy instructions to optimize your website and bring in potential clients through search engines. 


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Stress-Free System #4: How-To/Step-By-Step Blog Article Template

This SFS will provide an easy cut-and-paste template of the popular blog “how-to” article style that you can customize to create winning blog posts or articles. 


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Stress-Free System #5: Create A Lead Magnet That Pulls Them In: Step-By-Step Action Plan

 This SFS will teach you how to create an anchor offering for your website to encourage email signups, entice web visitors to get to know you better, and/or provide a resource for referral sources to offer their clients.


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Stress-Free System #6: Grow Your Practice Using Facebook: Step-By-Step Action Plan

This SFS will show you how to grow your fan base, network with other professionals, and share your brand using Facebook! 


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Stress-Free System #7: How To Become A Guest Expert On HARO

This SFS will show you how to spend just minutes a day sharing your expertise and getting your practice out in front of hundreds of people…without spending a dime. 


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