“Your Business Doesn’t Care If You’re A Good Therapist” – The Therapist Experience Podcast Interview

I was privileged to be interviewed by the one and only Perry Rosenbloom, founder of Brighter Vision Web Solutions, on Episode 18 of The Therapist Experience podcast

Click here to listen to: TTE 18: From Generalist to Specialist: The Journey to a Unique Selling Proposition with Stephanie Adams

In it, Perry & I talk about: 

  • Why “your business doesn’t care if you’re a good therapist.”
  • My recommended reading for business-minded private practice counselors.
  • How to calculate a lifetime customer value. (It’s easier than you think!)
  • The advantages of being a specialist instead of a generalist.
  • Return on investment for your marketing dollars (and why it’s shaped like a “J”.)
  • What the heck a unique selling proposition is and how to quickly craft your own.
  • My current session rate and why I charge that amount. 
  • The nerdy thing I love doing to set my fees and the simple way you can do it too. 
  • And a lot more!!!

It was SO MUCH fun to talk with Perry – we met at the 2015 ACA conference in person and have stayed in touch since. Perry & I definitely speak the same language, and I think you can tell in the podcast how much I enjoyed the talk. I’d highly recommend you check out this interview, and the rest of the Therapist Experience podcast series, which covers topics from building referral networks to offering seminars to transitioning your practice to private pay. 

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Stephanie Adams


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