[Video Interview] All About Niche Marketing

All About Niche Marketing with Dr. Sarah Griesemer and Dr. Vanessa Scaringi of Launch Wellness Austin.

Gain confidence in your abilities and grow your practice with niche marketing! In this video, you’ll learn more about: 

  • Finding your “person.”
  • The scarcity problem.
  • Why specificity can be fulfilling.
  • Avoiding “yuckiness” by finding the right niche for you.
  • Overcoming the fallacy of “this is the only thing I will be doing the rest of my life.”
  • Dealing with fear of specializing.
  • Why it’s okay to choose to work with the clients you love to help. 
  • Why you shouldn’t pick ALL THE SPECIALTIES.all-the-things
  • When refusing to specialize “isn’t fair.”
  • What an avatar is when it comes to niche marketing.
  • Approaching niche marketing from an energy perspective.
  • How to get more specific with your ideal client profile.
  • The practical aspects of niching. 
  • What you can do when your niche “can’t pay private pay rates.”
  • And a lot more…

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