What is “MYOB?”

Mind Your Own Business.

It’s not just a childhood comeback to a teasing question about which classmate you have a crush on. It’s a way to live, if you want to be successful in private practice.

You have to “Mind” [watch, protect, nurture] Your Own Business….

Because no one else is going to do it for you!

As licensed counselors, we’ve had the opportunity for excellent training in counseling methods and theories – and can usually be counted on to do our job of therapy really well.

But when it comes to launching our own private practices – let alone sustaining them and being able to support ourselves in business – we run into trouble.

We were never taught how to start, manage, or run our own businesses. 

Here at MYOB you’ll find:

A library of free resources, tips and tools for private practice therapists.

Private practice coaching for business satisfaction and growth.

A community of fellow private practice therapists who believe in supporting one another and sharing our wisdom as a group.

Premium training programs and classes on the topics that have been keeping you up at night.

MYOB Therapists, Counselors & Healers Believe:

I have a mission and a calling, not “just” a career.

There are people out there I’m meant to help, and they need me, not someone else.

I have a right to be in business (as long as I do it ethically) simply because it’s how I feel is the right way to live my calling

I have something to offer that no one else can.

I am worth the fees I charge, because I base them in proportion to the incredible value I give. (I cheat NO ONE when I respect myself.)

I do not have to run my business the way everyone else does it. As long as it is ethical and legal, I can do it any way that works for me.

I am not alone though I’m in solo practice – I have a community of counselor & healer friends around me that want me to succeed, as I want them to succeed.

And most importantly…

The only limits on my practice are the ones I place on myself.