Who is a MYOB Counselor?

At MYOB Counselor, we help private practice counselors learn to “mind their own business” – in other words, to learn what it takes to start, grow, and sustain their practices.

When we don’t know what it takes to “MYOB” we risk not earning enough to make a living in private practice, and closing down our businesses. Worst case, we might leave the field of counseling altogether.

MYOB Counselor is here so that that DOESN’T happen. MYOB Counselor exists to help people embrace success and all it means for both ourselves and for our clients. By minding our own businesses, we invite balance, prosperity, growth and hope into our work. We affirm that when our businesses grow, so does our ability to help others. It’s not an either/or, but a both/and.

No counselor education program has ever trained us to purposefully mind our own business, but doing exactly that makes you a healthy, prosperous business owner – one who can transform lives not only today, but decades from now because of continued success.

Want to join us? It’s simple – this is what we’re all about:

Affirmations of a MYOB Counselor:

When we follow these ideals, we can “Mind Our Own Business,” and continue to help others while doing what we love.

I mind my own business – do you?

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