If You’re Having Psychotherapist Salary Problems, Why Not Work With Me?

If you’re struggling with making a workable psychotherapist salary, you’re probably having one of two challenges:

  1. You’re wrestling with the struggles of agency work – a worthy industry that is unfortunately facing budget cuts, restrictions, and offering lower and lower pay to counselor applicants.
  2. You’re in private practice but you were never trained in how to run a business.

I don’t have the answer for you with the first scenario, unfortunately, great agency jobs are (to client’s detriment) becoming harder and harder to find.

But if you’re identifying with scenario #2, I’m here to tell you…

You can increase your psychotherapist salary and create a profitable private practice. 


I’ve created my business from scratch, so I’m comfortable with most aspects of the business of psychotherapy. dollar-163473_1280

But here are the areas in which I’m MOST confident I can offer you profitable help.


Zeroing In On Your Ideal Client


Most of my coaching clients have a vague idea of who they want to work with, but it’s very hard to pin down on your own, without someone there asking you the right questions. It’s just something we can be too close to – we can’t accurately judge it, in most cases, without someone partnering with us.

I help my clients get from “Who is my ideal client?” to the profitable and practical intersection of “These are the people I was born to help” usually within a single 60-90 minute session. From there, we can talk about things like:

Market Research


Though there are some areas that are more difficult than others to grow in, there’s NO SUCH THING as a “saturated therapy market.” When counselors say, “I can’t grow my practice because my market is saturated with therapists,” what they are really saying is one of two things.

detective-311684Either that they have decided to be a victim of their circumstance (harsh, but true) or that they were never taught how to attract clients through creative marketing and an attitude of abundance. If you haven’t yet closed this window in disgust, then thankfully, you are one of the latter and you are open to connecting with the clients you are meant to serve.

These clients can never be stolen from you, because they were always yours to begin with.

My market research coaching intensives focus on:

Adding Online Therapy To Your Private Practice

I’ve been working as an online therapist since 2011, and I have found out the hard way what does and doesn’t work for the online counselor. I’m here to make it easier on you by helping you with the three areas of focus for online counseling:


Sales Conversations


They don’t have to be painful. Good sales conversations are simply assessing the client’s needs, reflecting your understanding, and offering a solution that fits their needs.

We can assess and improve conversion (that means clients who make appointments) rates in each of the following 4 Simple Steps To Winning The Sales Call. (Click to get the whitepaper.)

  1. Engagement
  2. Pain Statement
  3. Problem-Solving
  4. Plan

Let’s make a great psychotherapist salary a part of your private practice!



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